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Reflections on our Adventures in Denmark

  On our way home. Now that we have returned and rested for multiple weeks- I would like to take some time to put closure on our trip in Denmark. When I first left Vermont I felt as though I was swept away- without the proper amount of time to say goodbye. But such is […]

Oslo, Norway

On gigantic boat which to me looked more like a building tilted on its side and plunked into the water than a sea-craft we sailed for 17 hours to the chilly capital of Norway, Oslo. At the end of a sixty mile fjord- the city rests with many wonderful places and museums just waiting to […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 10: Episode 9 (Spoilers)

IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE ENTIRETY OF STRANGER THINGS SEASONS 1 AND 2- PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (SPOILERS). I just watched the finale to Stranger Things 2- my god was it awesome! I am SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SEASON! You have no idea! We saw everything tied of into […]