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ATTENTION WORLD: …we are in Denmark

Hello universe! I am Asher from Vermont, and my family and I have just recently moved to Denmark for five months (which, overall, in my personal opinion will prove to be AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL ADVENTURE!). As I said in my 8th Grade graduation thesis (yes, I had one of those): My mother will be on […]

A marvelous city!

I like Copenhagen. The city, or the old town at least, feels very warm and cozy. The streets are often cobbled and on either side of you there are stores which sell all sorts of odd things. The food here is very good, and the restaurants we’ve gone to have been very nice. Although, I […]

Pastry Sunday and Chocolate Snails

One of the great things to do when you go to someplace you’ve never been before is to taste to local cuisine. (Or so I can guess, being a person who hasn’t done much traveling or gone much of anywhere out of my normal experience in my life; I suppose I am not one to […]

Walls of White Paint

I’ve been fascinated lately about how white paint jobs on walls can seem so similar from afar yet be so different up-close. I’ve decided to search through the shops and museums of Copenhagen and document some of the white walls that I find. This one above is from our apartment. This one is from the […]

The Passing of the Sun

Look! I painted a picture: The Passing of the Sun It is acrylic on multi-purpose paper. I LIKE ART.

Bornholm, day one

My family and I just got back from someplace I hope never to forget; an island called Bornholm. It is in the middle of the Baltic Sea, and although to is closer to Sweden than Denmark, it is still Danish territory (although as I understand it, ownership of Bornholm was disputed over often hundreds and […]

Bornholm, day two

Bornholm is an amazing place to visit, and I highly recommend going to the Hammershus ruins, but it was in the second day that I truly was enchanted. The town of Gudhjem is beautiful, with orange tile roofs, houses with shining black  paint trim, and rocky terrain going up the hill it rests on. It […]

Grundtvig’s Church

A few days ago we went on a walk through Bispebjerg- a district of Copenhagen. We found ourselves looking for a building- one which we had heard great things about. We walked down streets for a while- unsure of when we might come across this building- and suddenly as we walked past an entrance to […]

Rhubarb Lemonade

Now- when I first heard this type of drink being referred to as lemonade I’ll admit I was surprised- considering it has no lemon in it. As I understand it, this “Rabarber” drink I had was similar to lemonade in the sense that it is mostly water, with rhubarb juice and added sugar. It is […]

A Beautiful Evening

A while back, as my family and myself began making our way back to our apartment from the State Museum of Art I noticed some extremely lovely views of the Copenhagen with the evening sky- and I wanted to share them with you: On the Steps of the State Museum of Art A Beautiful Evening […]

The Deer Park

Hello! A few days ago we went to Jægersborg Dyrehave- a deer park in the north of Copenhagen. Now- when I first heard of a “deer park” I was a bit confuzzled- it is basically 1,000 acres of forest and field in which 10,000 deer live. Now- I can tell you- when I first heard […]

The Deer Park: Second Trip

We returned to the Deer Park recently- it is a fabulous place, and perhaps this will begin a trend of repeated and potentially frequent trips there. I was able to take some pictures of it’s autumnal magic, and I am glad to share with you it’s wonder once again: The station as we got off […]


Dragør is little fishing town 40 minutes South of Copenhagen. With colorful yellow buildings and many orange tile roofs- this village could be mistaken for  a charming town on Bornholm if it were not for the fact that Dragør is built on flat land- and as I remember it- Bornholm was quite hilly. Still- Dragør […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 2: Episode 1 (Spoilers)

SPOILER WARNING READING ON MAY BE DETRIMENTAL TO AN UNSPOILED VIEWING OF STRANGER THINGS 2 I’ve just watched the first episode of Stranger Things 2 and it was AMAZING! The thing I am most excited about that Eleven is back and living with Hopper- that just seems so perfect to me because they fill that […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 3: Episode 2 (Spoilers)

SPOILERS! LIKE- REALLY. IF YOU CARE ABOUT STRANGER THINGS AT ALL AND YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED SEASON ONE AND EP 1 ON SEASON 2- PLEASE DO NOT READ, That episode was fantastic! They had Steve be annoying again- but I feel like it may have not been a complete let down- maybe they will redeem him. […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 4: Episode 3 (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT!!!! -ALERT- ALERT- ALERT- Alright- so this previous episode has me going crazy- I’m worried about Eleven- and Will at the same time- and I am SO CURIOUS  what is going to happen next! I feel my prediction that whatever was in the trashcan had something to do with the monkey sounds was basically […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 5: Episode 4 (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALERT- LIKE- I KNOW IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU KNOW THAT- BUT- SPOILER ALERT Goodness gracious! The trash can thing is a baby Demigorgon! That is bad- like- really bad… And- Eleven found out about her mom! Can you believe that? My goodness… This is crazy- I’m also really tired so I’m practically […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 6: Episode 5 (Spoilers)

SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I realized that all the monkey sounds from the Upside Down were all Demigorgons- which means that they are definitely all in danger- or will be soon. I found the vines which stretch underneath Hawkins to be very interesting- and a bit confusing because they are now connected to Will- […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 7: Episode 6 (Spoilers)

WARNING- SPOILERS MAY BE WITHIN… ACTUALLY- THERE’S NO MAY ABOUT IT- SPOILERS That is quite an episode to leave off on- my goodness… We’ll be going to Norway for three days- and I am quite excited to come back and watch more… There were Demigorgons- plural! In Hawkins lab! My goodness… And- wait- what even […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 8: Episode 7 (Spoilers)

GENERAL SPOILER WARNING- SPOILERS- SPOILERS- ALERT- I now understand that the reason why we didn’t see any of Eleven in episode 6- was because she got an episode to herself in episode 7. That was fantastic- we saw Eleven Prove that she is more than capable of getting through the world by herself Realize that […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 9: Episode 8 (Spoilers)

SPOILERS AHEAD- AS NORMAL Eleven is back- back in Hawkins- back in the group- she’s returned! THAT IS SO AWESOME! My goodness- with Eleven back- well- they need to close the gate- so maybe they’ll go back to Hawkins Lab and close it up? Maybe the military will get there right as they finish up […]

Stranger Things 2: Part 10: Episode 9 (Spoilers)

IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE ENTIRETY OF STRANGER THINGS SEASONS 1 AND 2- PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (SPOILERS). I just watched the finale to Stranger Things 2- my god was it awesome! I am SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT SEASON! You have no idea! We saw everything tied of into […]

Oslo, Norway

On gigantic boat which to me looked more like a building tilted on its side and plunked into the water than a sea-craft we sailed for 17 hours to the chilly capital of Norway, Oslo. At the end of a sixty mile fjord- the city rests with many wonderful places and museums just waiting to […]

Reflections on our Adventures in Denmark

  On our way home. Now that we have returned and rested for multiple weeks- I would like to take some time to put closure on our trip in Denmark. When I first left Vermont I felt as though I was swept away- without the proper amount of time to say goodbye. But such is […]